Invite the darkness closer. It is your friend.

Dear quarter lives,

I write this blog not as advice but as a token of hope from one quarter life to another. We are not doomed. We are not helpless. We are merely a manifestation of the chaos and confusion that has befallen the world. Our anxiety is but a sign of a collective distress. We are not wrong in our feelings of sadness; we are not wrong in our feelings of anger; we are not wrong in our feelings of fear. We are only wrong in believing that love cannot save us, that kindness is not enough to change the world. We do not change the world by changing others; it is ourselves that are dying to change. So let us not resist the transformation, let us accept the invitation to change but it is through accepting that it is only ourselves we can change. We must look inside and avoid no more our Selves for they are screaming loud and clear. Let us open the channel of communication to our Selves and listen to what Self has to tell us. For there is no better angel to protect us than Self. There is no more loving god than Self. So let us grow this connection stronger to Self. Let us have faith once more in our Selves. For it is they who hold the answer to all. It is there that magic can be found, and faith restored. It is through Self that we come to believe in the infinite, in all that cannot be defined. In Love. In God. Let us navigate through the darkness, sit with it, listen to it and find the light within. It is only in the darkness of the night sky that stars can reveal their light. It is the darkness that allows them to twinkle. It is their friend indeed. It is yours too. So fear not the darkness that haunts you, for it is inviting you to reveal your light. Hoard your love no longer, for it is in sharing it with abundance, without fear of it running out, that it can come back to you once again. It is our belief in scarcity that has created this collective state of fear. What is fear but the belief that love is scarce? Once we learn to trust the infinite and believe that no resource in our Universe is finite, we will have peace in the world. No one will need to hoard their love in fear that it might run out. No one will envy another for beauty, opportunity or money because all is abundant. All exists infinitely but only if you believe. We shall prosper together in the infinite space of the Universe, but only if we accept our transformation of faith from that of scarcity to that of infinity. So my fellow quarter lives, I invite you to invite the darkness closer, it is but a friend wishing to illuminate you. Learn to love it for it is your teacher. It will guide you to the light. Remember, the only way out is the way in. So resist no more, for you are just tiring yourself, delving deeper into a loop of fear, so surrender yourself to the journey. Surrender yourself to your Self and go inside. Find the dark, find death, it is how you will find the light and come back to life once more.  Remember, energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed. So fear not your death, it cannot destroy you. Death is but a channel of change, so walk through it with trust. Trust is all we have to endure the pressures of change. Trust is what will keep you going when you are tunneling through the darkest corners of your Self. Trust is what will carry you when hope cannot. So trust Trust, she is your treasure, hold her tight. And as you navigate your own individual channels, I invite you into a journey of contemplation, one that has helped me a great deal to survive my own channel of change, my own death. It has taken me a quarter of a life to finally come to accept my fate as a being on this planet. I have been navigating through my fears, through the darkness to find faith again in myself, in love, in god, in peace. Remember, it is only when caterpillars die that butterflies are born. So embrace your death. It is the only way to be born again. May you all love again. May you all come to rest in peace. 

Much love,


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