Welcome to the quarter life

Dear quarter lives, 

I welcome you to join me on my quest to better understand our lives. I, myself, am a fellow quarter life, a fellow human who like you hasn’t been on this planet for so long. And in my recent joining of this experience called life, I found myself struggling to settle in. Struggling to accept that I am here. For the longest time, I felt like I didn’t belong on this planet. Like there must’ve been some mistake out there that resulted in my existence here. I had so many questions, and there were no answers anywhere in sight. Growing up it was common to hear of the middle age crisis, but I had heard no one talk of that which comes before. The one that comes in our first phase of life — the quarter life crisis. The crisis of growing up. I remember wishing there was some book that would make me feel less confused, less like I was the problem, less alone. I so desperately needed to connect to another soul, another quarter life who was struggling to draw their breath like I had been struggling. I started writing these letters of contemplation to myself. To better understand what I was going through. I wrote because I didn’t have a direct line to a god to answer my questions. But through my words, many appeared, many came to speak to me, to offer some answers, some guidance, some comfort. This blog is a product of many years of contemplation. It is the journey of a quarter life seeking to understand their life. I dedicate this blog to all quarter lives in crisis, for it is the struggle that urges us to find our way back home, to find our Selves, not the Selves we are told we are by our parents or society, but the Self we come to discover all on our own. It is a lonely journey. It is a difficult journey. And so, I would like to offer you some company along the way if you would allow me. There is no right or wrong on this blog. Some of it will resonate with you, and some of it won’t. It is simply an offering in perspective from one quarter life to another. It is the dialogue that heals, so let us converse. Let us connect to one another through story, through contemplation. We cannot journey for one another, but we can journey alongside each other. Let us encourage the seeking, let us not repress what our anxieties are signaling. Let us not succumb to any status quo, but to the wisdom of our youth. Let us celebrate our quarter lives, for they are screaming to be heard. They are screaming to be acknowledged. So let us listen together. Let us support our transformations together. We are here, so let us escape no more. Be kind to yourself on this journey. You have made it this far. You can make it further. You can make it anywhere.

So, my dear quarter lives, welcome the quarter life with open arms, thank it, embrace it, love it and leave it behind. 

From my quarter life to yours with love, 


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