Remembering Choice

Dear quarter lives,

It might be a matter of circumstance that we end up where we are, but it is certainly a matter of choice that we become who we are. Circumstance might seem dictated by an external source, but it appears this way only so that we can recognise choice. For there would be no choice to make if there was no situation to exercise it in. Circumstance is but mere context for our choices to play themselves out. It is the setting offering choice the opportunity to arise, and through exercising choice we come to realise who we are. You see if choice is an expression of liberty; then we are Liberty herself. And it is the act of choosing that helps us remember. This constant choosing reminds our souls of their free will to partake in this journey called life. And to recognise such will, we must first realise our role as people in it. For once we are born and the journey is embarked on, the boat sails to sea and the storms keep coming until we reach the shore. And in the midst of these storms, nothing can save us but remembering our freedom to choose. And the storm is exactly what helps us remember. For nothing offers better contrast to choice than a situation you did not choose. The storm is the context giving birth to your choice. They are not mutually exclusive. They are not separate entities but rather each an integral part of the other without which you will not be able to reach the shore. In the same way, it is not without pain that you can find pleasure, not without anger that you find peace and not without plunging into the depths of sadness that you can find joy. It is the deep darkness of emptiness that gives a rounded fullness to your happiness. It is the contrast that teaches. It is the contradiction that gives birth to resolution. There can be no failure without success, no death without birth; therefore, do not judge your context prematurely. Do not mistake the beginning for the end. Do not confuse the storm for the shore. Do not refuse to exhale because you are afraid of the scarcity of air. You will suffocate. Do not refuse to give love because you are afraid of the scarcity of love. You will become fear. Do not refuse to share your light because you are afraid of the scarcity of light. You will fall dark. Remember we are people. And what are people but conductors of energy, and it is the role of a conductor to receive energy and pass it on. It is its only role. And so not unlike a wire, if we refuse to pass it on, we begin to break, to overheat, and that is how we melt away. That is how we fall ill and lose our minds. It is our own resistance that breaks us. So remember always the role you play: You are nothing but a transmitter of energy so all you have to do in this life is to receive things and pass them on. That is the only choice you have to make: to receive energy or not, to pass on energy or not. And energy comes in many forms: love is one kind, fear is another, anger is a third, and they are all contagious. All communicated and passed on through us. You see, it is not so much about what passes through us, but that we allow it to pass through. The context is what comes through. But it is not the context that breaks us, it is our own resistance to let it flow. To let it go. And it is this act of letting it all go that will carry you to shore, that will save you during the storm but you must first exercise your choice to let it go. It is only your own will that can free you. No one else can choose for you. Not even God. So dear quarter lives, always remember your freedom to choose, to choose to be open, to allow the storm to flow through you. It is also your choice to shut your doors and force it out, but the resistance will only serve to give your power away to the storm, and the storm will use the heat from your own resistance to break you. So recognise the vital role your right to choose plays in your life and cherish it. Choose wisely, dear quarter lives, and remember to stay open. It is only your choice that can save you. It is, too, the only thing that can break you.