Impossible is just a belief

Dear quarter lives,

If I told you to walk forever, would you? If I told you to sit still forever, would you? If I told you to walk while sitting still forever, how could you? Impossible, right? It is all possible, but only if you believe it is. It is only by discarding what we know to be true do we find truth. I have tried to walk, and failed. I have tried to sit still, and failed. I have found a way to do both simultaneously, but only because I have failed first. It is only in finding a way to walk after I had been sitting, and sitting after I had been walking that it came together. My way will not be yours. My failure won’t be like yours. But what is true for all of us is that we must unlearn what is impossible, for it is all possible, only if we choose it to be. It is in being generous with our faith that we can bring the impossible into the realm of the possible. You see when we believe in the impossible, it softens and embraces us into its world and suddenly what was impossible is now part of our experience and has become possible. It is only in discarding what we were told to be the boundaries of where we can exist, where we can wander, and what we can wonder about, that we find the impossible to hold true. So question the rules, wonder always for that is the only way to wander, and it is only though wandering that we stumble, that we stand up again, that we find our bearings, and our path home. There is no true north for all. Mine will be different to yours and yours will be unlike any other. The question that follows is how does one not lose themselves to the infinite space of the impossible. How does the mind survive the absurd? And to that I will say, it is all about trust. 

You must trust yourself. You must trust that there is a part of you that knows all. A part of you that is all-knowing, all-perceiving, omnipresent. Some call it God. Others refer to it as Higher Self. Regardless of what we like to call it, we must learn to trust that part of ourselves. But it is difficult to trust that which we do not communicate with. How can you be guided by a voice that you cannot hear? And so, we must first learn to listen before we can be guided by our own wisdom. We must find the direct line that connects us to our Source and strengthen this line until the voice of our inner wisdom becomes clear and accessible to us anywhere and at anytime. And that is why we learn to sit still forever first before we can walk. And there isn’t a single universal way to sit still. Each one of us will have their own way to sit. And because there isn’t a guidebook on how exactly to find our own way of sitting, we must keep on trying and failing and trying again and failing once more and trying again until we find our unique seated position. For me, writing is a way I can sit still. For another, it could be boxing. For a third, it could be singing. Find your own way of sitting still. Wonder about sitting, be curious about it and you will find your way to navigate through its stillness. When you can finally sit still, once you have learnt to listen to your inner wisdom, you may now begin to walk. What walking does is allow you to practice being guided by your inner voice, letting it lead you right, left, straight ahead or even to stop when necessary. It is the walking which allows for trust to form between you and your inner voice. And it is through falling many times that you will learn the language of your voice. You will learn to decipher its codes and comprehend its alarms. It is that which lays the foundation for the trust you will need when you break free of all boundaries of the possible and into the vast universe of the impossible. It is that listening and that trust that will allow you to walk while sitting. It is only when we deeply trust ourselves that we give it permission to do the impossible. Trust, also known as Faith, is how we survive journeying in the unknown. And what is more unknown than the unfolding of our lives. So you see, it is for the sake of the quality of our journey that we choose to believe in the impossible; otherwise, it becomes a really rough journey full of frustration and longing because we chose to believe in a life of limitation, a life where only “possible” things happened, a life where no magic existed and no surprises swept us off our feet. Some might call this a safe journey, I would more accurately describe it as a soul-crushing one. So let go of your fear and choose trust instead. Choose the wild journey, believe in magic and the impossible will become your world. Trust that your safety is always with you. All you need to do is connect with it. It is that connection that will always bring you back safely to yourself and not your fear for yourself. So dear quarter lives, let the wondering teach you how to best wander for you. Listen to no authority but your own. Find no language other than your own to speak for you and lay down a path on which only you can walk until you wander all the way back home.