We survive because our hearts speak, not because they beat

Dear quarter lives,

Inside there is a map. Of us. Of who we are. Of why we are who we are. And how we survive all of it. And this map is not hidden away in some dark deep dungeon inside of us. It is right here beating in our centre, keeping us alive. Our map is not in our hearts, it is our hearts. And to be able to understand the language of this map, we must discard everything we know about maps. We must let go of ideas like:

  • we must know where we are going
  • forward is the only way to go 
  • we can only walk one path at a time.

When we choose to follow our heart, we choose to trust a very specific kind of wisdom, one that is only wise for us. There is no universal heart language we can learn. Each heart speaks the language of the body it resides in. And each body is housing a unique soul. So what I’m trying to say is there is no secret language you must discover to understand your heart, your heart was made especially for you to speak to you, so you already know what it’s saying but you just need to tune into the right frequency to be able to hear it, the same way you would to hear a specific radio station. 

And how we tune into our hearts is through our intention. And intention is just a fancy word for wish. So all we need to do to tune into our hearts is wish to tune in. We don’t need to know how to tune into it. We just need to want to hear it to be able to. We must wish to trust it to be able to follow its guidance. We must wish to say goodbye to being lost and intend to be found instead.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how I survive, about what keeps me going and how I know where to go. And the same answer keeps on coming back to me: go to your heart. I probably don’t fully grasp yet what this means because I am still in the process of going to my heart. I have intended to connect but I’m not fully there yet. All I know is that if it comes from the heart then it’s the truth. But the truth is no good if we don’t believe in it. Faith, I am coming to understand is the way to the heart. Faith is helping me trust my heart again. And trusting my heart is what allows me to listen to it when it speaks. I, now, know that I survive everyday not because my heart beats but because it speaks to me.