Some days, we just need to be Hermits

Dear quarter lives, 

Indeed life does not remain the same, and neither does our youth. Us, twenty-somethings, will soon enter the beginnings of mid-life. It is not far. It does not come slow. Everything we have worked to push deeper within ourselves will begin to emerge, just as everything we have worked so hard to resolve will reward us greatly. So think about what you have prioritized in your twenties and what you have intentionally  delayed for later, and what you hope to delay forever but know you cannot. Think deeply and think wisely. Do not escape, for there is no escape. Do not whine, for it is of no use but to paralyze you by getting you thinking you are a victim of life’s circumstances. You are not. You may cry, for that has many good uses, particularly for releasing tension from the mind. Cry and cry a lot, because that is how you get your power back. Cry, because you deserve to feel again. Cry, because it is natural. Cry, because you are human. Cry, because it is how you realize you come from God. And when you have cried all the tears necessary for your mind to calm and your body to relax, sleep. Sleep well, like you have nothing else to do and nothing useful to wake up to. Sleep, so you can finally rest. Sleep, so you know what it feels like to rest. Sleep, because you’ve been awake for too long. Sleep, so you can finally become who you really are — peaceful. Sleep, because that is how you transform. And when you’ve finally slept all you needed to, wake up and see what a beautiful life you really have.