On the gift of Surprise

Dear quarter lives,

Surprises are not there to throw you off. In fact, they gift you with not knowing a priori and thereby grant you the freedom to respond without preparation from the mind. They give you the present of being in the present. Surprises, both the comforting and the discomforting kind, grant you the freedom to experience. Always welcome surprises, they tell you of your agility. They communicate your flexibility. They show you where you might be stopping yourself from experiencing, where you might be stuck and they show you when you have finally surrendered and let go. Surprises are great indicators of progress. They transform. They create space for new potential. They grant you the opportunity to adapt. A surprise is a direct invitation from the Unknown to come a little closer, to step away for a moment from the realm of knowledge and into the realm of experience. Surprises ask us to tap into the wisdom of our bodies. They offer us the chance to flow with the Divine Mother. Surprises wake up the Sacred Feminine within us. They allow us to see that we too come from the Mother, that we resemble the Earth, that we are the Earth herself.

Peace and Love,