On the Summer Blues

Dear quarter lives, 

Many are familiar with the Winter blues, we hear about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and often associate it automatically with the winter but it also affects some people in the summer. But other than SAD, the Summer, as beautiful and fun as it can be for many, it can also be quite intimidating to keep up with if you’re not feeling your best. Before the arrival of Summer, we see people begin to pay more attention to the shape of their bodies and what bathing suits and summer outfits they’ll be wearing to flaunt those bodies. And for many who don’t feel like their bodies are in shape, summer can be stressful. Equally too, for those who don’t feel their minds are in good shape, summer can be very overwhelming. Summer tends to be a season full of people, parties, travel, all in celebration of the “good summer vibe”. But if we’re not in good vibes ourselves, it can be quite intimidating to just be. Everyone is always expected to be smiling, to be happy and to be enjoying themselves. And that can put a lot of pressure on people’s minds if they are not there. It can also make someone feel very isolated in their minds, if they feel out of sync with the prevailing summer vibe. And there is nothing worse for a stressed out mind than isolation. Summer can make many people more depressed and more anxious precisely because they feel left out and excluded from this summer joy it seems the rest of the world is experiencing. This can make it very difficult for someone to reach out for help. Friends can seem further in the summer, not because they are physically far, but because the distance between their states of mind is far. One is way up and another way down, one ready to party and another just wants to have a one-on-one intimate dinner. So as summer has the potential to bring people who live far away closer, it can also push close people further apart. This is a reminder to be mindful of your friends, family, siblings and to be kind to those who find it more difficult to match the energy of the season. Remember we are all different, we all feel things in different intensities, we all have different abilities to adapt, but we are all human beings at the end of the day who sometimes need reassurance that we are cared for, that we are remembered, that we are good company and that there is nothing wrong with us.

Summer is a transitional season for many. Some people are in between school/university years. Others in between jobs. Others in between homes/countries. Some in between relationships and friendships. So as fun as summer can be, there can be a lot of anxiety around how things will go post summer. And as much as summer always comes with a sense of renewal, it is also a time for us to release and unwind before shifting again back into “real life” gear. And sometimes as much as there seems to be time for us to rest and rejuvenate, summer can offer a jam packed schedule of events, parties, spending time with family and friends, all at the same time. So it can be very confusing for our bodies and our minds both who are torn between wanting to rest and wanting to make the most out of the summer and connect with people. There is often this conflicting desire to disconnect and connect simultaneously which can often leave people just feeling very overwhelmed.

And as many travel and vacation during the summer, there are many others who cannot afford to do so, whether for financial reasons, health reasons, work reasons, or due to all the Covid travel restrictions worldwide. And with everyone posting their best summer moments on social media, this can leave many feeling a little blue. This is not to say feel guilty for having fun or for expressing it or sharing but it is just a reminder that we don’t all have the same summers. We can’t all summer. So be kind when sharing stories of your summer to someone who hasn’t gotten the chance to.

And because we are different, summer for many can be when they feel most alive but for others it can feel as lonely and as harsh as a cold dark winter, so be kind with your thoughts, invite someone out who you wouldn’t normally and always always ask how are you feeling.

May your summer be exactly what you need it to be. May you wild if you need to. May you dance, laugh and make out if you need to. May you sleep, meditate and rest if that’s what you need.

With love and always for peace, 


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  1. Zeinab Belail · July 25, 2021

    OMG You are so right in what you said Shoosho and your writing standard is impeccable.May you find what you are looking for and May God reward you with all the happiness ,peace ,love and success you deserve and more. So proud of you 👏 my resilient beautiful Shoosho

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