Union of a Womb-Man

Dear quarter lives,

As it happens to be, I identify as female, as a woman. Yet within my womanhood, within my whole “woman” self, I know that I am made of both feminine and masculine energies. And in trying to come into balance within myself, I noticed that a big part of my imbalance is caused by the fact that my feminine and masculine parts are in conflict. Some of that is my own personal stuff, and some of that is definitely inherited from my ancestors, and some from the culture I live in. This split within me is not just my story. I believe it is the story of all of us, regardless of whether we identify as male, female, or non-binary. I believe we are all made of both masculine and feminine energies and I believe many of us have tended to favour one side over the other, and in turn we ended up nurturing one side more than the other, essentially neglecting half of ourselves. So the result of that is that we all walk in the world feeling unseen and unheard by someone or some group of people. But what those feelings are are our own projection of our innermost feelings towards ourselves. We feel unseen and unheard on the inside. And it is no surprise that the Collective Feminine and Masculine are currently in conflict, with each side pointing fingers towards the other. I believe that every external conflict is a reflection of our inner conflicts, and the most powerful and most effective thing we can do to bring peace to the collective again is to bring peace to ourselves. This poem below came from my feelings of inner torn-ness. I am literally sick because of this conflict. And I am done being sick. The time for resolution is now. And the first step towards resolution is listening. We need to make space and be open for all the voices within us that feel unheard, unacknowledged, and ignored. Conflict arises often because a voice was set aside and ignored. That’s why self-expression is a big part of healing. And self-expression doesn’t always have to be an expression of ourselves outwards towards the world. It can also be an expression of ourselves inwards towards our own hearts. The act of listening is self-expression. That’s why making space in our day to listen to ourselves is so important. That’s why meditation is so powerful. Do not underestimate the power of sitting with yourself. It is not always easy to listen to ourselves. Believe me, I know. It takes courage. And courage, too, like love is always flowing in abundance within us, we just need to make a conscious choice to tap into it. May we all bring union to ourselves.

And now, my poem Union of a Womb-Man.

I know there lives inside me a Woman. 

I can feel Her.

She’s saying something.

I can’t hear what.

She’s too far.

She calls for me again.

I come closer.

I can see her now.

I can see him too.

There is a split.

They are torn apart.

Womb separated from Man.

Feminine from Masculine.

I ask what happened.

They say they’ve been trying to figure that out too.

They say for some reason they won’t come together.

They won’t merge. 

They can’t seem to get along. 

I need them to trust each other.

But there’s too much anger there.

Womb says Man failed to protect her.

Man says Womb refuses to see him. 

She’s scared.

He’s scared too.

She’s wounded. 

He’s wounded too.

She blames him for her pain. 

He blames her for his anger.

He tells her he’s tired of feeling guilty. 

She tells him she’s tired of receiving his anger.

He says sorry. 

She hears him for once. 

She cries. 

He cries. 

She holds him. 

He holds her. 

She loves him.

He loves her.

Finally, they come together. 

Finally, there is peace. 

Finally, I am a Womb-man again,

a united WombMan, 

a WoMan. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for being open.

With love and always for peace,


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