About DQL

Dear Quarter Lives is a blog about life from the perspective of a quarter life. As quarter lives and recent inhabitants of this planet, we have yet to get accustomed to its absurdities. This blog invites you to contemplate our existence together, hoping to inspire and offer new eyes. As human beings, the most powerful tool at our disposal to create, to transform and to alter our reality is our imagination. Our imagination, like any other muscle, can be made stronger and more flexible, and the best way to grow our imagination is to constantly question our assumptions and push the boundaries of what is and is not possible. This blog will always invite you to question your own boundaries, values, belief systems and even your existence at times. It is inviting you to dance with the absurdities of your mind, your self and your desires. It is all possible, only if you can imagine it.

All you need to know about the author

S.A. is a fellow human being and a fellow quarter life.

Life does not make sense & neither should we.