Everyone wants to be Superhuman – what about being just Human?

To be just human, we need to remember what it means to be a human being in the first place. Unfortunately, I think we have lost track of that but I don’t think it’s too late. In fact, I think the world is giving us an opportunity now to take a look around us and really take in what this desire to be superhuman has cost us, not only us as humans but Nature too along with all her elements and beings.

From a very young age as children, we have been primed to desire to be more, to be better, to be stronger, to be smarter, to be like all those superheroes we watched and read about. Superhuman wasn’t just a fantasy. It became the epitome of what we believed the future held for us. It was the expected course of progress — we would evolve and become Superhuman. And what a let down this pursuit for more has been. We wanted to be on top of every other species to the extent that we disregarded what Nature wanted completely. We took charge of something that wasn’t ours to control. We forgot that we share this planet with so much other life. And when we remind those who abuse the Earth that this planet is not theirs for the taking, we are often ignored or told we need to be more practical if we want to be part of the “real” world. But you see this thing people refer to as the “real world” is precisely the fantasy world of superheroes which is made up of conglomerates which are made up of individuals all so scared to be “just” human, all so desperately trying to prove that they are better, that they are worth more than they actually feel. I am definitely not sorry to say that there is nothing more real, nothing more realistic, nothing more practical than Nature herself. Yes, perhaps life is about nothing more than eating, drinking, sleeping, having sex, having babies, dying, and living again. Perhaps all the fun and all the purpose is in telling stories about all those ordinary things. And it is those everyday things that give meaning to that which is otherwise meaningless. To be just right, to have just enough, to desire nothing more than what is around you, to just be exactly who you are, an ordinary human being is perhaps the most humane thing you can be and do for the world. To be just human is what we were born to be. Being just human is how we can fit into the bigger story of this planet and find our place in Nature once again.

We weren’t created to be the greatest. We were created to be a part of something great. We were created to cooperate with Nature, not to compete with her. So I say relax, let go of the pressure to be more than human and enjoy being just human. Of course, it’s not a button we can press and just relax. It takes a lot of work to get to a place where we can trust ourselves enough to relax. We have to undo decades of telling ourselves not to relax. So many of us carry so much stress in our bodies and put so much pressure on our minds all in pursuit of a “better” us. We need to ask ourselves why we feel this need to become better. We need to ask ourselves what is it that we are hoping to achieve from all this pushing of ourselves? These are some of the questions we might ask ourselves before we can just trust and relax into a new set of beliefs. I suggest communicating with your ancestors, (especially those that you’ve never met) who walked this Earth centuries ago, those who knew the Earth at Her rawest. Sit with them. Write to them. Ask them for guidance. Ask them all the questions you have, whatever they are, and however ridiculous and “unrealistic” they may seem. And when you have asked everything you want to ask, just sit back and listen deeply. Listen to the answers already within you. Listen to the yearning inside of you to return home, to return to your roots. Listen to what it is you are really longing for. Listen to the sounds of your limits, to the beautiful boundaries that protect us. I believe we all long for the return of joy. We all long for peace of mind. We all long for a body that can play. And I believe too that all those things do not come when chased. In fact it is quite the opposite, they come with stillness, not physical stillness but a stillness of heart. A stillness inside that washes over us when we finally stop running and escaping, when we finally accept that we are part of this cycle of life and death, that no one is special enough not to die, that no one can invent something to bypass death, that we will all perish just like Nature does. And Nature does it so gracefully, so why can’t we? I believe it is living with grace that prepares us for dying with grace. Shamans say we die the same way we live. And what a privilege it would be to live consciously and to die consciously. When we can finally open our arms and our hearts to greet death, only then can we step in and fully experience the state of being alive.

I share my words with you always with the intention to share and spread peace. I share these words with you with the intention of deconstructing our fears until they are palatable enough to digest and transform back to love.

Till next time,


A letter from God

Dear Child,

Where has your trust gone? I see it is not only Me that you have forgotten how to trust; it is yourself too. So let me remind you.

Trust may be a short word but it is a strong one; strong enough to carry the weight of our connection, strong enough to carry our voices to each other. Trust is the bridge that allows Me to approach you. It is the bridge you learn to give your weight to. To trust means to give yourself over without restraint. Trust requires of us to be generous with ourselves. It invites us to let go of that which our minds cannot — doubt. It asks us to surrender our need for knowing, to reign in our judgements and to stand free and bare of all that is logical. 

Naive are they who forego the magic of trust for reason. Naive are they who think their minds can be convinced to trust. It is only the heart that can trust because it is only the heart that can feel that which thoughts cannot. Only the heart can know the unknown. Only the heart can hold the Self whole so only the heart can hand it all over. 

So my child, it is of no use at all to prepare yourself for the unknown by any intellectual means. It is only the heart that can face the unknown and only in the heart can those battles be won. Battles not against the unknown, but those against your Self. For it is there, in your heart, that your Self hides, it is there too that it fights, because it is only there that it can survive. So my dear child, go to your heart. Go to see your Self. For only there can all fighting end. By leaving your heart, you have abandoned your Self and it is that abandonment that has sent your Self rogue. It is that abandonment of your heart that started the war between you and your Self. It is there too in your heart that peace shall be found. So go, go to your heart. It is not a futile endeavor. It is the most courageous of all the missions of this life. For to go back to face one’s Self from long ago is to go back home. It is to reunite again with that which you have been so deeply longing for. It is to reconcile with the Whole. It is to return to Me. To return to Love. And what else is this life for but to return to Love. So trust Me and hand your Self over to Me. Trust Me and let me carry you so that your arms can finally rest. I can carry you much easier than you can carry yourself so let me do what I am meant to do — support you. I cannot force you to trust me. It is always your choice to let me in or shut me out. All I can do is show you the way, but it is you that must walk it. So if you want to trust me, you must choose to. You must feel it in your heart. It must be your will to trust me, not mine. But I encourage you to trust because trust, my dear child, is the only way to love. Trust is the key that opens the gates to our hearts. It is the key to all of life and love. Trust me. Open your heart to me. I am Love and I come knocking on your door. I sincerely hope you do let me in.

Always here but only if you want me to be,


We survive because our hearts speak, not because they beat

Dear quarter lives,

Inside there is a map. Of us. Of who we are. Of why we are who we are. And how we survive all of it. And this map is not hidden away in some dark deep dungeon inside of us. It is right here beating in our centre, keeping us alive. Our map is not in our hearts, it is our hearts. And to be able to understand the language of this map, we must discard everything we know about maps. We must let go of ideas like:

  • we must know where we are going
  • forward is the only way to go 
  • we can only walk one path at a time.

When we choose to follow our heart, we choose to trust a very specific kind of wisdom, one that is only wise for us. There is no universal heart language we can learn. Each heart speaks the language of the body it resides in. And each body is housing a unique soul. So what I’m trying to say is there is no secret language you must discover to understand your heart, your heart was made especially for you to speak to you, so you already know what it’s saying but you just need to tune into the right frequency to be able to hear it, the same way you would to hear a specific radio station. 

And how we tune into our hearts is through our intention. And intention is just a fancy word for wish. So all we need to do to tune into our hearts is wish to tune in. We don’t need to know how to tune into it. We just need to want to hear it to be able to. We must wish to trust it to be able to follow its guidance. We must wish to say goodbye to being lost and intend to be found instead.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how I survive, about what keeps me going and how I know where to go. And the same answer keeps on coming back to me: go to your heart. I probably don’t fully grasp yet what this means because I am still in the process of going to my heart. I have intended to connect but I’m not fully there yet. All I know is that if it comes from the heart then it’s the truth. But the truth is no good if we don’t believe in it. Faith, I am coming to understand is the way to the heart. Faith is helping me trust my heart again. And trusting my heart is what allows me to listen to it when it speaks. I, now, know that I survive everyday not because my heart beats but because it speaks to me.