Our Relationship to Money Mirrors our Self-worth

Dear quarter lives,

Money can be a sensitive issue for many, but it is an important one, and one that often needs a lot of healing. Our relationship to money represents our relationship to value more generally. So how we feel about accumulating money or giving it way can say a lot about our relationship to our own value. Money often gets a bad rep. Many view it as the source of all evil in the world. And here, I would say, it is important to distinguish between money and what people have chosen to do with it. Money is essentially a tool that allows us to exchange energy with others. Money in itself is not the energy we exchange; it simply facilitates that exchange. So for example, if I use money to buy a massage, the money isn’t what’s paying for the massage, it depends how I got that money in the first place. So if I earned that money, it’s the time, creativity, effort and whatever else I put in to earn that money that I’m actually using in exchange for the massage. All the money does is store that energy for us (the time, effort, etc.) until we feel like we want to use it in exchange for something else (which is also energy in the form of someone else’s effort and knowledge as in the case of the massage).

How we feel about ourselves drives how we feel about money. If we feel guilty about having too much, if we feel we don’t deserve it, we’ll give it away, and not always consciously. Actually most of our actions are driven by unconscious desires and needs. So you might be unconsciously self-sabotaging your earnings, while complaining at the same time that you wish you had more money because you can barely afford your rent. So it’s not always so obvious how we feel about money. You might be dreaming of the nice house with the nice car but at the same time, deeply feel inside of you that you don’t deserve to have nice things, so you end up never really taking action and steps towards your goal of nice house and nice car. Our sense of self-worth is everything. It drives how much love we think we deserve, and love too is a form of energy exchange just like money is. So that’s why people will often substitute love for money because it feels like it gives them the ability i.e. the power to make energy exchanges. But love exchanges are a very different kind of energy exchange but we’ll leave that discussion for another time.

Approaching our relationship to our own worthiness can be vey daunting so perhaps starting with simpler tasks, such as paying attention to how you use money and recognising how you feel about accumulating it versus giving it away, can provide a segue into bringing more awareness to how you feel about your own worthiness. It’s not always wise to jump into the deep-end especially with patterns that are so old, so deep and probably intertwined with other patterns. Sometimes giving ourselves some space to paddle in the shallow-end might be what we need to help us gather the courage to finally just dive deep. This blogpost is an invitation to bring more awareness to  your relationship to money in hope that it will shed light on the deeper relationship to your own worthiness. 

With love and always for peace, 


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