On letting Today be okay

Dear quarter lives, 

They say One day, it will all be okay. But you see, one day never arrives, because one day is in the future. So the only way to experience one day is to bring it here into the present and change it from one day into today, and from One day, it will all be okay to Today is okay. 

To.day. This.day. is okay. 

It might not be the best, but it is okay. And for me, when I say, today is okay. I feel like I am not projecting any optimism or pessimism onto the day, but just a rather neutral okay, as if to say, I accept today. I am willing to take it in as it is. It doesn’t mean I’m running towards this day or away from it. It simply means I am meeting this day, I am seeing this day, the one right here in front of me. It means I am giving this day my attention. It doesn’t mean I need to give my day a positive spin. It just means I need to see my day, as it is, as it comes towards me. 

I understand though the pressure one feels, not just externally, but internally as well, to have a “good” day. To have “good” moments. I am guilty myself of trying to deny my own irritation or anger when it arises because I don’t want to ruin my day, and then I get angry at my anger for ruining my day, and then I realise that the anger came from me, so I get angry at myself for getting angry and ruining my day. And all of this blaming of self, why? Is it all just to have a good day? Why is having a good day so important? What does it say about us when we are able to have a good day? 

I suppose a good day is a microcosm of a good life. And so to be good at having good days must mean we are good at living. At being here, on this planet, in this body, as this soul. But what makes a day good? Who decides that today is good? We do! We decide. We decide not by the kind of day we have, but the kind of mindset we have. We decide what the criteria for good is. We decide if there is even a criteria. We decide to follow it or abandon it. We decide to condemn ourselves and our days. We too decide to free ourselves and our days from this judgment. We decide if today is okay or if tomorrow will be okay. We decide where we want to live — here or later. We decide. But of course and unfortunately, these decisions are not always conscious. In fact, most of the time they are unconscious. They are a force of habit. And habits come from many places, often childhood, but some habits come from the people we surround ourselves with, our environment, our culture, current trends & fads. And like any other habit, the way we meet our day is a habit that can be changed and worked on, but only if we really want to change it and feel like we need to work on it. All change requires our own will first. And again it is important to stress here, that it is not about changing our perception of our day so that every day is good. It is about discarding all perception, and letting each day tell you what it is. 

Let Today be Today without needing it to be good or bad. 

Let Today be This day and not any other day. 

Let Today be free of Tomorrow and Yesterday. 

Let Today be okay. 

When we relieve today of our expectations, we relieve our lives from those expectations too. And when our lives are free to be, they become free to surprise us, they become magical again. Let the unknown surprise you and take you on the ride of a lifetime. All you need to do is say hello to today.

With love and always for peace, 


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